There are no perfect circumstances and certainly no perfect parents. At Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic, our role is to get resources into your hands in order for you to see your own situation clearly, thereby providing you with the tools, and most importantly, the hope necessary to make the best choices for you and your children. In short, we want to see all of our clients who make this choice become the best parents they can be.

The Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic believes strongly in educating and equipping our clients who have decided to carry their pregnancy to term.  As part of our ongoing support, we offer an educational program along with basic baby items such as clothing, blankets, etc., that you can earn by participating in any of the following:

Pregnancy Education

The Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic is committed to helping you have a healthy pregnancy.  Our pregnancy program covers valuable topics such as eating for two, your developing baby, emotions of pregnancy, your changing body, getting ready for baby, and more.

Parenting Skills

You may have questions about how to be a good parent and raise a healthy, happy child.  As part of our ongoing support, our parenting skills program includes helpful lessons on infant care, nutrition, sleep and crying, potty training and more.

Practical Fatherhood

Fathers coming into our clinic need simple and practical advice on how to be the dad that their children need. The Practical Fatherhood curriculum is designed to meet this need.  It addresses the real and pressing needs that a father can experience.  The topics covered range from discipline to role-modeling to spending time with the family. 

The programs listed above are part of the "Earn While You Learn Program" provided by Heritage House '76, Inc.

What People Are Saying About the Pregnancy and Parenting Program

"Open Arms has been an amazing support since day one."  - Bianka

"Thank you for all your clinic has done for my family!  Your staff has been so supportive and helpful throughout my pregnancy."  - Alexandria

"Thank you for helping new moms like me in the caring and well-being of my child.  I'm thrilled to go through this journey with you all."  - Denise

"Thank you, Open Arms, for checking on me and giving me warm encouragement throughout my pregnancy." - Kathy

"Thank you for your ongoing support during my pregnancy and after." - Sommer