Holistic Care

Everyone is unique with their own hopes and aspirations.  We get it.  We listen and provide holistic care (emotionally, physically and spiritually) and not purely from a medical standpoint.  

Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic is a non-profit medical clinic and we provide a place of support and hope for those facing unexpected pregnancies.  Our services are based on Christian principles and are offered to all regardless of your pregnancy intentions, gender, race, religion or marital status.

Professional Free Services

  • Quality medical grade urine pregnancy testing
  • Limited obstetrical (OB) ultrasound for those who qualify to confirm the presence of a viable intrauterine pregnancy
  • Caring, confidential staff who will help you make an informed decision
  • Information about Parenting, Adoption and Abortion
  • One-on-one sessions for women and men focusing on your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  

Is it really free?

Yes!  Open Arms is supported solely by private donations from people who care about women and men facing unexpected pregnancies; therefore all of our services are free.  We receive no government funding.  All you need for your appointment is a valid photo ID.  

What will happen in my appointment?

Our one-on-one sessions for women and men are holistically designed to help you talk about your situation and learn more about the options available to you.  During your medical consultation you will be meeting with a female nurse who will take your medical history, administer a pregnancy test, assess whether or not you qualify for a limited obstetrical ultrasound scan, and answer medical questions and concerns related to your pregnancy decision.

All medical services are provided by licensed medical professionals in accordance with medical standards and applicable laws under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician.