What Our Clients Are Saying

"Literally welcoming with 'open arms.'"  (Lisa, Yelp Reviewer)

"It was such a pleasant experience from the moment I walked through the door."  (Rochelle)

"This place is so wonderful! I recommend it to everyone.  I loved the trust and respect." (Jessica)

"The best thing about Open Arms is the attention and time spent with me." (Lucy)

"The best thing about Open Arms? …Everything."  (Ana)

"Great organization with a terrific loving staff doing work for the betterment of humanity."  (Ander)

"They talk to you first to understand where your thoughts are."  (Noelani)

Thank you for such a great experience.  (Stephanie, Yelp Reviewer)

 I liked that they respected my decision and were supportive and thoughtful."  (Kameo)

I liked all staff, very polite and respectful and made me feel very comfortable."  (Lamyshia)

The way these people are seriously is amazing. (Alondra, Yelp Reviewer)

"I enjoyed the case manager.  She made me feel respected and safe and offered services for both my partner and me." (Gabriela)

I liked being able to speak with a case manager who showed so much interest in my visit. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. (Karen)

"Great staff, super clean, fast results" (Stephanie)

"Open Arms has a very caring staff, and they really listened to me.  Open Arms made me feel like I am not alone."  (Maria)

"It's nice to know that there are places like this that care about you and your needs." (Cindy, Yelp Reviewer)