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Pregnancy and Mood Swings: Surviving the Rough Patches

By Sam Jackson
Pregnancy and Mood Swings: Surviving the Rough Patches

"I remember the day I got irritated over something extremely trivial. Just moments before, I was hopeful and excited about my pregnancy, the thought of being a mom and someday meeting my new baby."

My mood swings can be so unpredictable, complete with crying spells, but it's not an excuse to lash out and break dishes.

Pregnancy can also be a joyful life event with friends and family celebrating us, with sweet moments to savor.  When I laugh, I can laugh hysterically. I can even laugh at myself, like when I'm in the middle of a conversation and I'm fishing for common everyday words that I can't remember. Or I love this one, when I place the egg carton in the freezer and find it later when I'm going in for my absolute favorite: Chocolate malted crunch ice cream. Well, thankfully, I found some strategies to manage stress and emotional eating.  

The Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic and their amazing Pregnancy and Parenting Program provides the education on pregnancy and life skills that will prepare you for this beautiful journey of becoming a mom. I'm so glad there is support for moms like me who desire more in-depth training.  Training that goes beyond the short period of time that our prenatal doctors have to spend with us during our check-ups. Open Arms provides a variety of classes for all stages of pregnancy up through your first year of parenting.

"What you do here is life changing for women and moms-to be-! You provide peace of mind to confused and helpless people like me. I now have a very healthy boy close to 2 months old today. We are so appreciative that Open Arms truly opened their arms to us when no one would help us back then. As first time-parents, we can't thank you enough! You make a difference in this world!" 

I learned that hormones are not my enemy after all.  They actually regulate different functions in my body which play vital roles in maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Exercise is my friend, a mood lifter for my pregnant body and mind, and I learned to relax and enjoy the journey because this emotional rough patch won't last always.


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I have found the site very informative! I only recently came upon it, and wish I’d seen it sooner. It does a great job of pulling different topics/disciplines/perspectives †something unique and valuable here. Thanks †hope you keep it up!

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