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How Soon Should I Take a Pregnancy Test After Sex?

You and your partner thought you were being careful, but it happens. Now, you wonder if you are pregnant. Even with birth control, there is a chance you could get pregnant. Sometimes, it is hard to remember to take your daily birth control pill or you may have discovered the condom broke. Resist the urge to take a pregnancy test too soon and watch for some of these other symptoms.
How Soon Should I Take a Pregnancy Test After Sex?

A missed period 

A missed period is usually the first sign that a woman is pregnant. However, there are other reasons you can skip a period. Stress, diet, and weight issues can all affect your menstrual cycle. 

If you do not typically track your periods, you may not be aware of your regular cycle. For most women, it is 28 days. Healthline suggests you wait at least one week after your missed period, or a full month since your last period, before taking a pregnancy test. 

If you are pregnant, your body needs time to build up a noticeable level of the hCG hormone. A pregnancy test measures the level of hCG in your urine. If you take the test too early, you may receive a false negative result.

Other symptoms of pregnancy                                             

There are other signs to look for if you suspect you may be pregnant. Pay attention to these indicators:

  • Light spotting.

    • You may experience some spotting. Watch to see if there is a change in color, texture, or the amount of blood.
  • Cramping.

    • It is possible to experience the same cramping you usually do when you start your period, but your period never comes.
  • Tender breasts.

    • This is another symptom many women feel before starting their period, but this will be ongoing. As more estrogen and progesterone are produced, your breasts will grow increasingly tender.
  • Feeling nauseous.

    • Often it is called "morning sickness," but feeling like you are going to be sick to your stomach usually accompanies pregnancy.
  • Fatigue.

    • If you are pregnant, your body is working harder to pump additional blood to the embryo. As a result, you may feel more tired than usual.
  • Frequent urination.

    • A lot of women are surprised by the urge to urinate more when pregnant.

It's been over a month, now what should I do?

If your period is at least a week late, or it has been at least a month since your last period, it is time to get tested. To get an accurate result, we recommend you have a pregnancy test done at a medical services clinic. 

Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic offers free and confidential clinical pregnancy confirmation. In addition, all of our medical services are provided by licensed professionals, and no insurance or Medi-Cal is needed.

To help you further, we also perform a free limited obstetric ultrasound to determine the dating and viability of your pregnancy. At Open Arms, we treat each patient with dignity and compassion, providing accurate and truthful information on all options.

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