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How Much Does an Abortion in Northridge Cost?

How Much Does an Abortion in Northridge Cost?

Abortion costs can be hard to find online because every provider is a little different. How far along you are, whether or not your insurance covers abortion, and where you go for abortion are all factors that will affect the cost. But there are some common denominators we can look at to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

How far along are you?

Early termination

If you're in the first ten weeks of your pregnancy, an abortion will cost less than in the second trimester. In Southern California, a first-trimester abortion will generally cost between $300-$600. Often, the abortion procedure will be a medication abortion, which is a series of two pills that cause fetal demise and then cramping and contractions in order to pass the pregnancy.

Later termination

The farther along the pregnancy is, the more a termination will cost. This is because, after 10 weeks, the abortion procedure will be surgical instead of medication.

Surgical abortions up until 12 weeks in Southern California will cost around $650. After 12 weeks through 15 weeks, it goes up to around $800, and around $1,050 for abortions between 16 and 18 weeks. Between 18 and 19.6 weeks it climbs to $1,700, between 20-21.6 weeks it costs around $2,225, and at 22-24 weeks it costs around $3,275. After 24 weeks the fetus is considered viable (able to survive outside the womb) and abortions at that point are not available in the state of California.

What if you need more time?

The decision to have an abortion is a big one, so take the time necessary to be fully informed.  Many women choose abortion only because they feel pressured to do so, which is not a good reason.  Don't feel pressured to make a decision quickly.  There are so many opinions from friends, family, online, blogs, and in the news but it's important for YOU to make the decision since you are the one who will live with the outcome the rest of your life. 

What if you aren't sure?

If you are being pressured or just need a caring, safe, and confidential place to process all of your options, concerns, and questions, Open Arms is here for you.  We exist for that very reason.  

All of our services are completely free; we don't profit from your reproductive choices. Making an abortion decision deserves time and careful consideration. You owe it to yourself to seek out all your options and factors before making a decision. We're here to help.

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