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Can I Buy the Abortion Pill Online?

Can I Buy the Abortion Pill Online?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering abortion. In a world that has gone completely digital, it may seem convenient and discrete to order the abortion pill online. However, purchasing the abortion pill online is never a good idea. 

While it may seem like a way to avoid others finding out, it is simply not safe. Read more about the dangers of purchasing the abortion pill online.

Abortion is a Medical Procedure

While taking a pill may not seem like something you need to do under the supervision of a doctor, the abortion pill is far different than an over-the-counter pill. It requires both instructions from a doctor before taking it and a follow-up appointment afterward. The abortion pill is still an abortion. It comes with risk and possible complications like any other medical procedure. You should not be attempting a medical procedure without a medical professional. 

You Have No Way of Knowing What is in the Pill

Any abortion pill that you find online comes with some degree of risk since you cannot be certain about what is in it. Online abortion pills sometimes come from another country with less strict safety regulations. There is also the possibility that the drug has too much or too little of a specific ingredient, which could lead to unexpected and harmful complications. Some of these side effects can potentially have negative impacts on your long-term health.

Additionally, when you are purchasing online, you don't know where this pill is coming from. You have no way of knowing if the pill will actually terminate the pregnancy. Even worse, there is a possibility that the pill you purchase could contain harmful ingredients that could cause you harm. 

The Abortion Pill is not Regulated by the FDA

The United States Food and Drug Administration has been seeking to stop unapproved online sellers of abortion pills. The FDA issued a warning letter to one particular provider demanding that they immediately cease sales of unapproved abortion drugs. Despite attempts from the FDA, providers online continue to sell unapproved abortion drugs to vulnerable women. We advise you to be aware of the providers who sell these potentially dangerous drugs. In fact, you should avoid them altogether since the risk of harm is too high – it is simply not worth the risk.

Discuss the Procedure with a Medical Professional

There is a lot that can happen when you take the abortion pill, so it's very important to be fully informed about the process. Not only Is it important to understand what is normal, it's also important to understand possible complications to look out for.

Depending on your medical history and how far along your pregnancy is, it could be ineffective or even dangerous to take the abortion pill.  At Open Arms, we offer ultrasounds at no cost to you. Ultrasounds allow you to find out how far along you are, if you're within the first ten weeks, and if your pregnancy is even viable. All of these factors need to be considered before making the decision to have an abortion.

You are Entitled to Quality Care

You deserve safe and effective care. At Open Arms, we offer quality pregnancy care at no cost to you. We provide free pregnancy testing as well as consultation through your unplanned pregnancy. You do not need to handle this all by yourself. Let medical professionals guide you and support you along the way. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you might not know where to turn next. At Open Arms, we are here to support you. Whether you are in need of our pregnancy services or options consultation, all of our services are 100 percent free and confidential. Reach out today if you are in search of support for your unplanned pregnancy. 

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