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California Child Care Assistance

If you are a single parent or pregnant and living in California and are worried about affording child care while you finish school or build your career, there is good news!
California Child Care Assistance

There are several programs in California to provide low cost or even free child care. This is especially the case for single parents trying to finish school or transition into a better job opportunity.

Experts recognize that providing child care assistance for a single parent can be the difference between the parent finishing school and starting a career or dropping out of school altogether and staying stuck in a low-income job.

That's why free- or low-cost child care has been a priority for leaders in California, with the state government recently expanding access to more parents for those child care programs.

The largest child care assistance opportunities are found through programs like CalWORKS, Child Welfare and ACCESS as well as other government-funded programs.

These programs, found throughout California range from more general assistance to programs designed for parents in specific situations.

For example, the Cal-Learn Program is for teen parents and pregnant teens who are enrolled in CalWORKS. Cal-Learn is a resource designed to help teen parents and pregnant teens graduate from high school. As part of the program, Cal-Learn provides assistance for child care.

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start in figuring out which programs are best for you as the parent. That's where your local Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) can help. The CCRC in your community can help you figure out which child care program is best for you and what steps are needed to get started.

The Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic is also a great resource for single moms or pregnant moms who are planning to parent. Their staff listens to you and your needs and dreams for the future and can help connect you with the program that will best fit your plans.



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