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A Letter to My Birth Mom

A true story of how I grew up in a wonderful home knowing the love of two parents and knowing the love of a mother I had never met.
A Letter to My Birth Mom

Dear Sharon,

I've never had the chance to truly tell you how your decision to make an adoption plan for me has impacted my life. I know a bit of your story which led to my adoption, and I'd like you to know a bit of mine. Shortly after my birth, I was placed in a loving family that had previously adopted a little girl. They wanted two girls, so I made our family complete. My adoptive mother wanted nothing more than to be a mom, but she was unable to conceive.  She was thrilled to have her little girls and dedicated her life to our care.  She made me clothes, cooked and taught me to bake. In addition, I was the apple of my adoptive father's eye. He taught me about camping and fishing. They both supported me in my interests. I always knew I was adopted and that I had a birth mother who was so beautifully self-less that she made the difficult choice to give me a family and home that she was unable to provide.  This is the gift that you gave me, and I know it must have been very difficult since you were unwed and pregnant. I want to thank you for valuing me enough to withstand all those difficult moments and feelings. Because of your act of love, I grew up in a wonderful home knowing the love of two parents and knowing the love of a mother who I had never met. I was proud of being adopted, that I had a unique story with more than one mother; both are equally important in the life given to me, how I perceive the world and the life that I have led.  Thank you, Sharon for being an incredible mother to me in a way that mattered most. I treasure who you are and I am blessed that my life began with you.



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