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3 Things Needed Prior to an Abortion and How to Get Them Free!

Your period is late, your breasts really hurt, and you have been feeling sick to your stomach for days. Do you think you might be pregnant? If being pregnant right now is not what you had in mind, you may be facing many decisions. Are you thinking about abortion? You are going to need more information first.
3 Things Needed Prior to an Abortion and How to Get Them Free!

Before you make an appointment with an abortion clinic and spend your money, you need to know three things. Get the information you need from the Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic. Best of all? You can get all three at no cost to you! 

#1 A Pregnancy Test

Even if you have taken an at-home pregnancy test, you should confirm your pregnancy with a clinically administered pregnancy test. A pregnancy test measures the level of the hCG hormone in your urine. If hCG is detected, you can be fairly confident you are pregnant. Sometimes a home pregnancy test is taken too early or the directions are not followed correctly, which produces a false-negative test result. 

Plus, there are other reasons your period might come late. Stress, a hormone imbalance, or weight gain or loss can all affect your menstrual cycle. It is even possible you could have been pregnant but are experiencing a miscarriage. A woman can have a miscarriage in the early weeks of pregnancy, before even realizing she is pregnant, and it will look like a late period. 

So, why spend the money on an at-home pregnancy test when you can receive no-cost, confidential pregnancy testing at the Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic? One of our nurses will review the results with you so you can be confident you have the correct result.

#2 An Ultrasound

The next step after receiving a positive pregnancy test result is getting an ultrasound. An ultrasound will tell you how far along you are in your pregnancy. You need to know the gestational age of the fetus to determine which type of abortion you would have, medical or surgical.

Ultrasound gives you real-time details like the actual date of conception, and if the pregnancy is viable. For a pregnancy to be viable, there must be a heartbeat.  If there is no heartbeat, the pregnancy is not viable and may resolve on its own.  

Finally, you need to know if your pregnancy is in your uterus. If it is outside of your uterus, it is called an ectopic pregnancy. This is a serious medical situation and requires immediate attention. An ultrasound will reveal this very important information.

At the Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic, we provide no-cost limited obstetric ultrasounds. They are performed by a medical professional so you can be confident the procedure is being done correctly. 

#3 Know Your Options

Where can you go to get information at no cost to you about abortion and the other options you have? At Open Arms, we will schedule a time to sit down with you, fully explain the abortion process, and discuss other options and any other pregnancy-related decisions you may be facing. All of this is offered to you at no cost. 

Every appointment and conversation we have is strictly confidential. We believe you deserve respect and privacy.

You Have Nothing to Lose

As you can see, everything you need to know before you can schedule your abortion is available to you at Open Arms, and it will not cost you a thing! You have absolutely nothing to lose, but you'll gain valuable information enabling you to make fully informed decisions regarding your pregnancy. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. Be prepared with the facts you need before you take that next step. 

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